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What we offer

With 15 years of experience in attic cleaning and insulation removal services, we offer our clients top quality services:

  • Attic Cleaning and Debris Cleanup
  • Attic Insulation Removal & Installation
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Rodent Dropping Cleanup & Proofing
  • Crawl Space Cleaning
  • Rats in Attic Removal
  • Squirrel in Attic Removal
  • Attic Decontamination
  • Dead Animal Removal

Attic Cleaning & Insulation Removal Services in San Francisco

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Are you looking for professional attic pest control, insulation removal and attic cleaning services in Oakland ? Oakland residents turn to our experts for affordable and reliable attic cleaning services. Oakland is home to a wide array of pests like squirrels, raccoons, rats and mice and they can cause huge problems if they infest your attic! Our expert team will tend to pests like mice, squirrels, raccoons and rats. In-attic removal projects are our specialty, along with performing repairs to pest-proof your attic and crawlspaces. We'll also oversee old insulation removal and replacement with high-efficiency fiberglass or blown-in insulation that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer for years to come! If you're seeking attic cleaning services and insulation removal, Oakland natives turn to us! Call us today at +1-800-543-0382.

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"I knew that it was time for attic cleanup, but I didn't really know what company I was going to go with. Eventually, I ended up on going with Attic Pros, primarily because they were one of the first companies that I came across on the Internet. The outcome of their attic cleaning services was really pretty fantastic!"

Selena Mcewan, San Francisco

"I had a lot of stuff inside my attic, I'm a collector and I had been collecting items in my attic for years. Within just a couple of hours, these guys had cleaned out my attic and it really looked better than I imagined. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family, I actually had a friend that needed some debris cleanup services and I gave these guys a call, and sure enough, they provide that too!"

Esmeralda Carstarphen, Palo Alto

"Attic cleaning services are something that not everybody needs, so it's nice to know that this company provides many different types of services all under one roof. I'll definitely be coming back to this attic cleanup company, if I have any other cleanup jobs, then they would be the first place I'd call."

Mathew Tousant, Santa Clara

"My attic has always been a place that I've never really wanted to even look at! I always knew it had problems, there was constantly cold air coming down from the attic and I didn't really know how to fix it. I thought insulation removal and installation services would be really expensive but it turns out, they aren't! This place is great, try them out!"

Katy Pohlman, Sunnyvale

"Just a couple of weeks ago I started hearing footsteps coming from the attic. At first, thought I was imagining it but then they just got louder. I called up Attic Pros for rodent removal services and within no time, they had all of the squirell in attic removed, they had all of the fecies cleaned up and they did rodent proofing as well! Thank you!"

Nelson Trembath, Cupertino

"I had a rodent problem in my attic and now, I no longer even have cold air coming from the attic either!. It seemed like there was no insulation whatsoever up there before, because this is a substantial difference from what I had in the beginning. I definitely recommend the insulation installation services that this company provides!"

Sofia Takacs, Mountain View

"Quick and Efficient - That's really all I've got to say about Attic Pros, these guys are quick and efficient! If I could leave a five out of five star review, I definitely would."

Malinda Hemenway, Fremont

"I called this company because I was in need of some crawl space cleaning services and I also wanted to have some waterproofing applied because I was worried that the roof was allowing water into the crawl space. They quoted me a very reasonable price and they also helped me with crawlspace cleaning and crawl space cleanup services."

Earlene Rhines, San Francisco

"I've always had a lot of debris and items in my attic that I have been storing from over the years. I had a storage space downstairs that I wanted this company to move everything to and within just about an hour or so, they had completed the entire process of attic debris cleanup. Their insulation removal services are so dang quick too, I couldn't believe it!"

Darren Leavy, Concord

"I needed some attic insulation removal services in my attic and my experience with this company was great. Overall, this was a very efficient company and they've definitely got the customer in mind, so I'd recommend them!"

Cody Primrose, Livermore

"Their rat cleanup services couldn't be better! I absolutely hate rats in attic and because of the amount of stuff that I had up in there, I believe it was attracting them. Bay Area Attic Cleaners is a good company if you are looking for rats in attic removal services"

Amie Lechner, San Mateo

"Having rats in the attic can be a real nightmare. It seemed like every night I would lay down for bed I could hear their little footsteps running across the ceiling. I had about had enough of it and despite laying out rat catching traps, my efforts in catching them were unsuccessful. If you've got rats in your attic, these guys will do rat removal and even rat proofing so that these pests don't come back."

Christian Vales, Milpitas

"This company really sealed the deal for me. They provided everything I needed all within the same company. I got my attic cleaned out, I got the rats that were troubling me removed, and I even got insulation installation services too!"

Lenore Vanscyoc, Daly City

"I recently just purchased a house that was a bit of a fixer-upper, it needed quite a bit of TLC and I never thought I'd be spending money on the attic. Even though hiring the Attic Pros company hurt my budget a little bit, I do believe it was worth it. It's nice to have rats in attic removed as well as squirrels that had somehow made their way in!"

Liza Wannamaker, San Rafael

"I'm not quite sure how squirrels got into my house, but they probably made their way in sometime when the original homeowners moved out, since the house was left vacant for some time before I bought it. Nevertheless, the Bay Area Attic Cleaners got them removed quickly!"

Edwina Weisz, Hayward

"It's amazing I never heard them during the open house or when I went into the house on my own. Anyhow, I ended up spending a little bit of money to have these guys clean out some squirrels from a new home and improve the attic so that the squirrels would stay gone for good. The process squrell in attic removal was fantastic! This is an excellent company."

Jerri Woodell, San Bruno

"Their blown on insulation installation services sounded good, but I decided to settle for their traditional fiber glass insulation because I wanted to save money. In the end, it worked out quite nicely and I'm very satisfied with the condition of the attic now. I wish I didn't have to spend the money, but I believe it was worth it!"

Jessie Andreas, Berkeley

"If you need a company that can clean out your attic, make sure that it is rodent proofed and even protect it so that rodents do not make their way again in again in the future, then these guys are for you! Excellent job, I'll definitely be coming back!"

Lonnie Bernardi, San Jose

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